To suppress communication of ideas is the tool of totalitarians and autocrats.  Whether by "shaming" or outright coercion, those who seek to control people's and organizations' speech rights are antithetical to liberty.

Our site is to publish the thinking and writing of our contributors.  The operators are libertarian constitutionalists but welcome ALL/Every point of view.  Civil discourse in writing and commentary is all that is requested. 

We solicit and/all writing that our contributors or guests wish to submit.  We will promote new writings via social networking as soon as we publish them.

To understand the principles of American Freedom only requires the familiarity with the thoughts, in writing, of those who designed our current form of government.

We recommend everyone start with:

  1. The U.S. Constitution
  2. The Federalist Papers
  3. The Declaration of Independence
  4. The Articles of Confederation
  5. The Anti-Federalist Papers
  6. The "Bill of Rights"
  7. Adam Smith
  8. John Locke
  9. Montesquieu

To submit any writings please contact this web site.